Amazed at moms

Mothers have the advantage of total love.

Time for the exquisite

Philosophically it's a quandary to thinkers everywhere. . .

The swamp creature

It’s time to step up and get significant.

ET Disclosure

I believe the most benevolent ETs will be the first to reveal themselves and it is with a sense of urgency that they will do so.

Ghosts again

These ghosts are like spiritual trolls that pop up on your screen to tell you dumb stuff.

You can do it

, , , believe in the magic of your brain and the magic of your intentions.

Do something now

We’ve screwed this up so badly we’ll never unscrew it.

Homeless in an insensate world

. . . it’s a shame they have to even see them: the new untouchables. . .

Beautiful Spirit

The spirit speaks when it wants to. It cannot be muffled by censorship or other ill will.

America the beautiful

So, it is again Independence Day. How’s that independence working out for you?

An exercise for inner peace

Observe everything about your worry thought form. Does it have green, piercing eyes?

Doors of perception

Denial is the block to clarity of vision and acceptance of the multiplicity of realities in the universe.

Dancing with paradox

I see between the beauteous stars and do not oppose the universe. It’s worthwhile to switch it up.

Silencing the silent

makes me wonder why anyone would want to silence a silent autistic

The drums of war

Stop weapons production and you stop waging wars. It’s obvious to me.

Flag those words

Today’s blog is about using the appropriate words to talk about the truth.

Ashamed of us

The truth will seep out like water through sidewalk cracks

You can't silence me

Fortunately, most writers are smarter than most fascists, so there is hope.

Camps and cages

Children are crying out from cages for their mothers.

Love and fear

The highest love can heal the world. Fear can destroy it.