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You can't silence me

Having been timed out on social media for writing the truth, It has become my obvious thought today that censorship is now in full place within our new world order here and the most courageous journalists are either killed, imprisoned or silenced. The truth now more elusive than ever, we must look to our hearts and listen to our souls whisper the ultimate reality of what is really going on.

Our perceptions have been propagandized for decades, maybe centuries, in despicable directions with twisted values always favoring industry and wealth and war and the ultimate patriarchal scheme of world dominion. Within these confines, those of us who do listen and speak the truth will still have an effect; it just has to be maneuvered like the propaganda that brainwashed all of us in the first place.

Writers, take note that within the corrupt system itself are little doorways of lucidity that truth tellers do get to walk through and comment on now and then. Using the same system that censors you to get out the word is quite possible -- indeed, necessary. Fortunately, most writers are smarter than most fascists, so there is hope. Write on in spite of the barriers. If you use your words like battering rams against the gates of ignorance, they will give way. It is time to continue the message. I, myself, do not intend to stop.


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1 Comment

Erick Ivan Hernandez
Erick Ivan Hernandez
Jun 24, 2019

Darcy! Thank you for sharing this information. I fell in love with America as soon as I entered this country. In recent years, though, America has turned into the Trumpist country we call the United States of Donald Trump's America. He promised to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States, Instead, He kept Illegal immigrant children locked up, with over 1% of Latin America's population under concentration camps, many of whom are either starving to death, getting beaten to a pulp by ICE, or have a wide range of disabilities, many of which range from a cyst on the head to being completely dependent on their separated parents. I pry that this stops. I am not proud of America.

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