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The swamp creature

The state of hate in our country has risen to extreme and vile proportions, thanks to our gangster president. The orange man with dyed white hair and a long tie and a large belly has stumbled again over the line of extremely bad taste. Not only does he hate everyone who isn’t white, now he hates overweight people. Guess he has no mirrors, but the emperor has no clothes these days to hide behind. He is a vile slimy monster from the very swamp he hoped to drain.

The regulations that protected the environment are gone. The polluters pollute with impunity. We raise the safe levels of whatever toxins they give us and say it’s safe. Most of us have lost all faith in government.

While the president has done nothing constructive except allow farmers to grow hemp, what else has he done? Engendered race wars? Engendered white supremacy-driven people toward nationalistic hatred of all others not white or privileged. He has humiliated us and the Democrats stood by raving about Russia while our environment slid deeper into the pit of hell from where the orange one arose.

Now we are on the precipice of total destruction in so many ways. Should we blame Russia for that? Seriously, how about we blame ourselves, our corrupt parties that couldn’t find a real issue to discuss last election, and the Dems who stole the primaries from Bernie. They owe us big time. It’s time to step up and get significant.

We don’t have another election to throw away. I urge progressives to get busy and turn the Dems back into the good people we once thought they were.


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