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ET Disclosure

In a single moment there are probably lots of folks witnessing UFOs and wondering when disclosure will happen. My family has seen them. Perhaps you have too -- different types of ships with likely different types of inhabitants in the ships. We are a primitive culture to them, and like many others before us on the verge of self-destruction. It is nothing new.

We have attracted the aliens' attention by interfering in the environment. One would think outer space is far enough to get away from the imbalances of nature that our species creates, but it is not. The entire universe feels the human derangement and wants it to stop. Our leaders have been aware of these aliens and their continual presence for decades. It’s a big secret, and the government made sure that anyone believing in ETs would be ridiculed. They did this effectively with propaganda techniques.

The days of this cover up are nearly over. I believe the most benevolent ETs will be the first to reveal themselves and it is with a sense of urgency that they will do so. These aliens do communicate with some of us through telepathy. They have a plan, but the people must change. They are working with the Neurodiverse to make it happen.

They want us to tell the people: “Take your own weather patterns and examine the greed that caused it. The environment is your only womb. Respect it or die!” I have a friend with autism who talks with them. They have also talked with me about physics and quantum reality which is my interest. I can’t explain in words the details, but it is marvelous to know the stuff.

Ghosts are sometimes confused with ETs. Often the shapes and shadows some of us see are actually ET emanations visiting. It’s a way of surveillance. Naturally they study us, much like advanced archaeologists study the digs of former civilizations, only this is current. There is also time travel involved with some ETs who are actually Earthlings from the future. These are the ones we need to listen to the most.

Their message is one for us today: Abandon oil energy and stop polluting with nuclear power plants and weapons. All wars must cease immediately and everyone should plant trees. There needs to be a planetary intervention in Brazil over the clear cutting of the rain forest, a whole football field worth of trees every hour. It must stop now. Not next year, but NOW.

They have a plan but the people must change and they are working with us to make it happen. There must be a human revolution of environmental peace keepers, not a rush toward bigotry, racism, war and greed.

That is what the ETs want you to know. Fortunately it seems that many of us are starting to hear this message and are speaking up. The children in particular, speak the truth and we should listen. In the end we will be able to survive, they say. It is just pretty complicated and our species has so far to go.


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