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Love and fear

I need to discuss the relationship the people have with each other in this world. People love each other dearly when they can. When they can’t, then they fear each other. It seems these two emotions drive most of our human interactions. Sometimes, people even love the person or thing they fear. Humans are so complicated. The worst example of this are the soldiers who love their country so much they need to kill others because their leader said so.

I wonder if the fears we have serve more purpose than we think. I know we have the fears for good reasons. Instinctual survival, for instance, requires fear. However, when people spend their lives in fear, they are unable to give love adequately to others because they are afraid of others.

The highest love can cure fear. That’s one thing people are unaware of. The highest love doesn’t care what happens because it knows that love survives all calamities, even death. The highest love can heal the world. Fear can destroy it. One of our primary responsibilities as people is to overcome fear with love.

A perfect example of how love and fear affect your everyday lives is the situation where you have a filthy house and you need to clean it. Do you clean it up with a sense of fear about what happens if you don’t, or do you clean it up out of love for your family and their need for a nice place? One’s life quality can be regarded by how you are motivated: by love, or by fear. If it’s by love, congratulations. If it’s by fear, you have my condolences.


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