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Dancing with paradox

Today is a day for gratitude. I am grateful to the universe for the eternal shine of the stars and the darkest of nights. The stars that shine brightest, the proverb goes, are seen from the bottom of a well. Of all the stars that exist, we are lucky if we can see a few. I see them in my mind as infinite galaxies full of life and people. It’s a perspective limited only by imagination and location.

The extent of all things is vast, of course. If one of us knows about it, it will be told. If one of us knows nothing, it, too, will be told. Everything and nothing exist as one like dark and light. The Tao of all things balances by opposites in all matter. And so it is in our little lives.

You have the balance of opposites everywhere. I, myself, like to balance my observations about things. I often think it is helpful in some ways to be self-aware of these opposites. My attention often goes between, in, and around these opposites. The actual basis of the word opposite relates to the action, I believe, of opposing, so I do that a lot. I oppose dumb stuff.

On other days, I see between the beauteous stars and do not oppose the universe. It’s worthwhile to switch it up. I’m not a constant guru, is the thing. I’m also set upon criticizing injustice. That’s okay to be at peace with half-time wisdom and half-time analytical rage, for instance. It seems in today’s world that people are so freaked out they need to imagine a new one in another dimension. Yes, well, I do that, too, but I don’t live there. I live here.

The spectrum is large enough to contain multitudes. I do. I like that different observations are different on different days, not all the same, same, same, same every day. Like my dad just said, paradox is the basis of reality. Cope with it.

This brings me back to the brightest stars seen from the darkest bottom of the deepest well. Those stars change. Everything changes. Nothing stagnates. Neither do I. I never stop changing.


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