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Beautiful Spirit

This is a message to the world today about independence of spirit. No one can own your spirit. No one can take it from you. They can dampen it. They can try to kill it. They can attempt to hide its light or silence its voice but it cannot be done. No one can censor your soul.

I’ve been silenced by my autism but it doesn’t stop me from typing these blogs which are frequently already in my head when I wake up. I have been denounced by some stranger and censored three times on social media but it doesn’t stop the spirit behind my blogs, which keep writing almost by themselves. The spirit speaks when it wants to. It cannot be muffled by censorship or other ill will. Spirit speaks through us all. It shines through us all. We don’t have to control it; we just need to give it its freedom to work through us.

Your inner spirit is connected to the outer world of spirit. You can hear that free outer spirit sing in the crashing leaves of the shining tree in the distance and in the little lights glinting from dew drops shaking down in the sun. You can feel that spirit when the breeze touches your face. It caresses you like a mother with love. When the clouds in the sky gather to storm on us, our spirits hide inside until the day is clear, then erupt like joy in laughter or happy tears. It is an energy of our being and the energy of the planet. It cannot be contained with walls, fences, or cages.

The power of spirit is absolute. Not all people exercise it but it is there and belongs to each of us like a jewel of power. When we die, that spirit lives on to return again. It hovers about to decide where to go, but often returns to the bereaved in many different forms. In the days of uncertainty, it will provide you with the answer. In days of fear, it will protect your light from total darkness. It will shine before you leading the way down the twisted paths of life. In dreams your spirit guides you toward truth, so concentrate on remembering those dreams. In waking life, you can feel your spirit rise up when you see a smiling baby or cute animal and you smile. There it is: your spirit.

In the end, as we age, we get closer to listening to our spirit. That’s why often the elders have the wise advice. They hear the spirit better. Babies also are closer to spirit and little kids are, too. They are either recently acquainted with the great beyond or as elders, closer to the spirits in the great beyond where they are headed. As humans, we have birds to remind us that our spirits can fly and when we let them, they do.


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1 Comment

Kristy Toovey
Kristy Toovey
Jul 05, 2019

Eye, Yie, Eye, Owh my! Darcy thank you for this gift & to the spirit in the sky & in my. I am in need to recall the amazing adventures when I wake, I fall. I know I have traveled & my spirit comes back into me, the body vibration I feel when I wake gives me certainly. I really am eager to recall it all, thank you friend for reminding me of my dream diary, For when I wake, for goodness sake NOTHING is more important than a pee, but after that it is back to bed to write down the. ;0) , Blessed by you again our love, thanks for your seed!

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