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Ashamed of us

Today I would like to discuss the reason that the people in the world cannot be happy. The reality is that they aren’t supposed to be happy right now. We are more connected to each other than we realize on an unearthly level. We are connected at our roots like a giant aspen grove. When one part of our forest is suffering, we feel it like sadness in the very roots of our souls. Likewise, if a part of our forest is well, we also feel the sublime happiness of that well-being.

There are vast segments of the human condition that are suffering from our country and its constant quest for land and oil and power. This makes our country a danger to humanity because of our industrial pollution, our intellectual pollution, our aggressive disregard for all living things. Not to say that those of us here who see this aren’t Americans, but we’re mostly just humans, not bordered by titles. Those in our country who speak out are targeted by others who think they are bad Americans, bad patriots. Well, I wasn’t born a patriot and I won’t die one. I’m ashamed of our country.

I used to believe we were a democracy and that was good. Then I kept hoping it was true. Of course, I quickly saw people really had no freedoms; they had to work 40 or more hours a week; go to work whether they were sick or not, or whether their family was sick or not. And then, if they get a vacation, they come back to work and saboteurs have stolen their jobs.

What now, America? Are you going to vote again? How’s that working out for you, huh? Are you going to get the leader you voted for, or candidate you caucused for? I don’t think so, do you, really? Think about it.

Yeah, give us your weak, give us your wandering refugees and we will welcome them with open arms. NOT! We will throw them on overcrowded, cold floors without food or blankets, whether they are babies or old folks. That’s us, better than a lot of countries, but now as evil as any I can think of. I recently got censored for pointing this out, so I’m pointing it out again. Whatever tries to stop the truth will only fail eventually. The truth will seep out like water through sidewalk cracks and rinse this all clean one day, I swear.


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1 Comment

Jun 25, 2019

As the bumper stickers say, if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

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