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The drums of war

There is an insidious attempt to control our thinking in regard to the eternal wars that seem to be necessary to our country to maintain its stability. It’s because our economy is based so much on the production of weapons. Stop weapons production and you stop waging wars. It’s obvious to me. It’s not the hardest puzzle to figure out.

What we have done to feel number one in the world is to rattle our sabers until people cover their ears and run for shelter. As Bob Dylan wrote in one of his songs, got a lot of forks and knives – gotta cut somethin’.The problem is, once all that weaponry is made, it needs to be tested, right?

So, there you are -- provocation’s delight. Now we need, of course, to continue our American quest to destabilize all the countries in the oil regions. It’s just the other imperative of dominance: Hold all the world’s finite resources hostage to progress and salvation.

In this world, the peaceful people need to unite. They need to see beyond the barriers of the well-funded controllers. They need to replace twisted thinking by speaking the truth as dangerous as that might be, it must be done.

Here in this country, the controllers are so concerned about revolution that any leader, and especially anti-war organizers who lead publicly are persecuted and censored and surveilled. It seems we now hear the drums of war yet again. The obvious news reports are like they always are before we wage a war based on lies. Here it comes!

This country loves its soldiers. They are young and brave, and they want to protect our so-called freedoms, but God bless them, I didn’t really need their protection from Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan, or now from Iran. I just don’t feel those countries would come out of nowhere and take our freedoms, do you?

I know that all the media loves to air returning war hero stories. It’s a real heart- jerking way to end their news shows. The kid is at school, the dad hides and surprises the kid, then the embrace and the tears and the thank almighty God you’re back and not dead or maimed or PTSD’d into insanity. Good night, that’s the news from here.


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