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You can do it

We have goals in mind to achieve, but never achieve them. There are many devices to use to actually achieve those goals. One way is to trick yourself into achieving the goal. If you are lazy, that’s the best bet. The real trick belongs in your subconscious, but if you repeat to yourself that it’s working, that you are achieving your goal every day whether it’s true or not, you can trick yourself into believing it. That belief alone is powerful. Tell yourself every day you are moving closer to your goal. But while you tell yourself, at least take one step daily toward the goal no matter how small.

Another way to achieve your goals is, of course, to track your progress. Any small progress is important. That is when you admire yourself for your efforts and the progress. Be grateful for it. Thank yourself. You did it. It’s like training your mind as if it were a new dog needing discipline. Don’t let up on yourself.

Another way is to enlist worthy helpers for support. Choose people who support your efforts and avoid those who do not. Sometimes others may not approve of your goal or your methods to achieve it, or they may subconsciously want you to fail, so often it is good to keep your goal a secret.

Another way to achieve your goal is creative visualization. You can do it awake or in meditation. Visualize in your mind yourself achieving the goal. If it’s weight loss, for instance, see your thin self in your mind’s eye, dancing happily in fitness. If it’s a publication you want, visualize that book and it will one day happen. Visualization is extremely powerful. Use it often.

The danger is that you might become discouraged or overwhelmed by the details of the many steps you need to take. That will stall you out. It could stop the goal achievement altogether. Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of achievement. That, and feeling weak. If you should find yourself making excuses you are taking steps away from your goal. When doubts in yourself on this path arise, visualize that doubt as a slimy, greenish-gray monster about four feet high, drooling and squealing there in your path. You have to visualize yourself jumping over that monster or kicking him in the butt. See that in your mind and just keep going toward the goal.

There is a bigger obstacle than that monster in your path, however, and it’s really hard to notice it. That’s when you have a meaning meltdown and the goal doesn’t matter anymore. I wrote a whole blog on meaning meltdowns because they are the kiss of death to any accomplishment. You can read it here. ( When you get the meaning meltdown and you say to yourself this goal doesn’t matter, argue back and say, yes, it does matter; I’m going to keep trying.

In the final analysis, believe in the magic of your brain and the magic of your intentions. It’s never the easiest thing to move forward, but it’s always the best. Move on, people, you can do it.


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