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Amazed at moms

I’m amazed at mothers. I don’t know how it is to be one, but I watch them struggle. I watch them always worrying about their children. I sometimes hear their terrible experiences or hear their sweet joys of their daily lives. I’m amazed what it takes to grow up and protect their children. Mothers have the advantage of total love. From birth on we trust our moms to keep us alive. They give it their best shot. Usually it is nature’s way

Today there are so many dangers to children that mothers can’t even wrap their heads around it. They shake their heads and wonder, do I buy a bullet proof backpack, maybe a bullet proof baby carrier? Or maybe they should stockpile filtered water or something. What a life! I guess back in other times it was always something: invaders or disease or something.

Just as with mothers throughout history when things went wrong with the kids, they blamed themselves, as if there were only one thing going on with the fate of their kids. If babies were born clean slates without fate, it would be only the one life or death -- safety or not that would prevail -- but people have their own fates separate from the desires and expectations of their loving parents.

People cause their own fates. As mothers, people need to stop blaming themselves. Fate happens. That’s the way it rolls. It’s not your fault. It’s only your responsibility to do your best and understand it.

Moms also have their own fates and their own deep misunderstood karma. How can you know everything? You are not supposed to. Today’s children have a unique fate. Collectively our entire world will be in their hands. We can only guide them with kindness and love. I’m pretty sure the children will save us, so moms, be at peace.


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