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Flag those words

Today’s blog is about using the appropriate words to talk about the truth. You can use metaphor. You can use simile. You can use imagery, and you can of course use rhythm or rhyme. I wrote previous blogs in the past that got me kicked off of Facebook, so now I’m struggling to rephrase what I said in those blogs.

I was, for instance, attempting to describe my sense of deep regret about the state of our country, which I do actually love. I was saying how ashamed I was about us, however, I could restate that. I could say the swamp was a disappointment, murky with pernicious, slimy things that are a danger to people who come here for our wonderful democracy.

I could have said our dear country is like a volcano of spewing press releases from the orifices of the recent world group of rulers in the depths of Hell. I could have said that my mind’s eye saw rooms filled with darkness and I heard sorrowful sounds of crying, as if there were no light to see the way.

I could have rhymed my outrage like this: Children in cages. Haven’t seen it in ages, or kids on the floor behind the shut door. I know! Let’s just code everything we freaking say on social media these days in some Hallmark card with red and blue thoughts of eternal exceptionalism in our usual business to bring the world to its knees. There are some walls your euphemisms might seep through, if you’re clever. Consider this a coded blog.

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30 de jun. de 2019

"Tell all the truth but tell it slant..." --Emily Dickinson

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