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Ghosts again

In all the world there are many creepy ghosts. They are bothering me today. I don’t know why they are here but we need to make them leave. They are all talking at me at once. I can’t make out what they are saying but they are terribly upset about something. One voice screeches one thing; another screeches another, just like normal people trying to get your attention.

I think they know I can hear them. I’m like an open telephone channel for them. When I was little, those ghosts thought they could jump in my head like an unwanted seizure. It was horrifying. It isn’t like in the movies; it’s more of an essence of malevolence in some ghosts, not all of course.

The many earth-bound ghosts are often mentally mal-adapted to death and so they may be a bit deranged. These ghosts are like spiritual trolls that pop up on your screen to tell you dumb stuff. They may be newly deceased and panicked for someone to acknowledge their existence in the afterlife. I guess if I see and hear them that helps validate their existence, but that’s not my job.

It’s a way of the world that most of us are able to ignore what we want to keep things from interfering with our sacred spaces. Most folks don’t listen anyway. I listen to everything. I learn a lot that way but I can’t always shut that off like other folks. They can’t even see stuff if they don’t believe it.

Some people with autism don’t have those filters. That’s why our abilities come and go. Sometimes we just have to shut down entirely. There are times when a worthy spirit needs to speak and then it’s my job to listen because there are also many helpful ghosts. I guess they are called spirit guides. I find that refocusing on a project helps to shut out the unnecessary ghost frequencies. So, that is one way to get out of that ghost visitation state.

Of course, newly dead family and friends come sometimes. Usually they move on. Sometimes they want to hang out a while. The medical folks would call this hallucination because of my diagnosis. They should instead call it an acquired skill that compensated for other brain parts, but whatever. I’m used to people not believing me. The fact is that lots of people see ghosts. They just don’t want to tell you.

The end result is that we as humans never really get to study this phenomenon because the people who see ghosts are so gaslit by the ones who don’t. It’s like saying I’m crazy, you know? Well, yes, of course some say psychic folks are crazy. I say we’re the sane ones. The listeners. The visionaries. It’s good the rest of you non-psychics have us around. 


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