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An exercise for inner peace

Today I need to discuss the various realities of inner peace. Inner peace is hard to find but certainly possible. Here’s how I go about finding it. The first step is the most important. Start with your current thoughts of the last few minutes. Out of those thoughts, find the most disturbing one. Visualize what that thought would look like it if it were a 3D form. Is it a big ball of dirty twine? Is it a swamp with your supervisor in it yelling from the muck of stupidity? Is it a hurting relative? Whatever the form takes, look it straight in the eye.

Does that thought form talk to you? If so, listen. Observe everything about your worry thought form. Does it have green, piercing eyes? Look right into them. Or is it just a muddy clump of anxiety with no eyes? In any case, get a large imaginary laser gun and blow that thought to smithereens. If you are too virtuous to use a gun to blow away bad thoughts, then use a magic wand of your liking and turn the thoughts into flowers or birds that fly away. There isn’t time to reason with your thoughts that rob you of your peace of mind. You just have to immediately blow them away like lethal enemies.

You can’t change stuff by worrying, anyway. This is not to say you shouldn’t negotiate with your awful thoughts, it’s just to say you need to do that all the time. Just blow them out of the arena. Visit them another day. We are talking here about general peace of mind. Once you’ve wasted that thought, replace it with another.

What is your happiest thought? Visualize that. Are you hugging or dancing or singing or walking or doing wonderful stuff? Yeah, good! Think about that instead. You get the idea. It’s not at all complicated. It’s a simple cognitive exercise, but if you do it frequently you will be able to achieve peace of mind until your next disturbing thought. Go for it. I need to say also that the thoughts come and go. Let them fly like birds to a clear sky in peace.


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