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America the beautiful

We have researched our family roots and two of the people who came over on the Mayflower were my ancestors. One was a servant to the other ancestor who was the wealthy traveler. Don’t tell me "America, love it or leave it." I’m not proud of how we colonized the new world, so I’m not really bragging on the ancestors. Many of my blogs have been critical of our country but I still do love it.

I love the mountains and the plains and the deserts and the valleys. I love most of its people as well. But, in truth, I wish I could be an indigenous person living here before the colonists came. In the days before the white man came, the peace of the land was certain. The land was big enough for the people who never divided it with boundaries. The thought of owning land was ridiculous to the people.

There were no gods, no written texts to tell people about the ancient world. The religion was only Father Sky, Mother Earth, and the Great Spirit. A different trinity replaced all that. I’ll take that trinity over the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit any day. At least the indigenous paradigm includes a woman. That’s cool. And at least the wisdom of the ages comes from the hearts of the people and the land in a pure way, not degraded by competition or ownership of the Earth.

The shamans shook rattles, wore regalia of wonder and danced away the night ‘til dawn. That’s my idea of a good time. Call me crazy, but it’s better than most of the other available entertainment here. Very likely, I would have been a tribal shaman healing the tribe with my magic there in that world so long ago, now lost to agricultural ownership, lost to the white man entirely -- a whole race of people defeated and killed by our invasive species.

The audacity of this tragic tale gets repeated today over and over in this world at war and happy Fourth of July. We are involved still around the world in little and big wars, still invading like a bad swarm of insects, a corporate military pestilence gone berserk finally.

So, it is again Independence Day. How’s that independence working out for you? This year we’ll be treated to an expensive military show of force. While we pride ourselves on this wonderful country, I’ll be thinking about all those people on the border in cages.


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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2019

Appreciate you, Darcy👏❣️

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