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Silencing the silent

Today I saw an article post on a Facebook group by some guy who was bragging that he just succeeded in wiping out all positive definitions of Facilitated Communication (FC) on Wikipedia. He was so proud. One would think if he were so freaking knowledgeable and important in his field, he wouldn’t really have time to demonize FC.

Since the early 90s, I’m unaware of any actual science-based investigation into FC. Back then, some false allegations were made and because of one or two incidents and some bad science, the media and medical communities have been consistently brainwashed against FC. This so-called expert has never even tried FC, yet he feels empowered to persecute FC writers on the internet and delete their articles.

I still wonder how such flawed early research could follow through all this time to discredit typers who do not speak. It’s appalling. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to silence a silent autistic. What possible reason would someone like this have to make it his mission to shut down FC? No one knows, it’s just what some experts like to do, apparently.

My articles have also been scrubbed and now I realize perhaps it wasn’t just the radical anti-war stance I take, or the anti-vaccine stance I take, or the pro-cure stance I take, or the be-nice-to-refugees stance I take. I’m beginning to think it’s the autistics they want to censor because of the way they communicate. Imagine that!

Well, guess what, you jerks? I’ll go ahead and be trite and just say what doesn’t kill us just makes us stronger. We will saturate the social media with pro-FC stories. Just watch us. I’m questioning now who really typed all those anti-FC stories? Are their words reliable? Are they even able to think? What about their speaking voices? Has anybody researched if their speech is accurate or if it is even them speaking? I demand to know what twisted, false opinions they may be propagating with their unproven form of communication.

I simply must know why they believe in their own communication. I don’t. I have written a number of blogs about this and the effects this kind of persecution this creates for me. I don’t even know how to type my way out of this, but I am going to share here all the links for all the blogs I’ve written about this. If I get shut down, I’ll do it again.


Other blogs I've written on this:

Note: Yuval Levental, a person with autism wrote the introduction to this damning article because he, himself decided what he thought about FC. He's an electrical engineer. I'm sure he knows all about our struggles. Please find him and give him some feedback. He gives credit to another guy named Wikiman2718 for scrubbing articles written by people who use facilitated communication. Way to go, Wikiman2718. You need our feedback. You will get it. This is the site that posted the article


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