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Camps and cages

Today’s blog is about the hatred of so-called aliens, coming from over the border. Today, our federal ICE agents were supposed to round up the refugees in sanctuary cities like ours and put them in concentration camps. Fortunately, this plan got delayed, but it's still in the works.

In many decades, we as a people, have not seen this. It is something our country went to war to prevent, to free people from concentration camps. Now we have become the enemy we once fought against. Children are crying out from cages for their mothers. The feds don’t even know how many children have been displaced from their families.

These people are refugees. They have not come for our jobs. They have not come to hurt us. They are fleeing famine and violence like all refugees everywhere. They need solace in the arms of humanity, not rejection and imprisonment. The children are being held in abusive, inhumane, and unsanitary conditions. Babies are left in the care of other babies. It’s indefensible. Close these camps now!

In all of the world, there is nothing more evil than subjugating and killing children. That’s our country. I can no longer claim to be proud of it. The wall that is being built won’t stop this tide of immigrants; it will just deplete our resources which could go to processing centers that accept refugees humanely. But, no, not our country. We’re still in the dark ages here and getting darker by the day.

I am amazed that the good Americans just look the other way like we see happen so often when a whole country or people are hurting. Just look the other way. Take a few selfies. Plan your next outing or purchase. Have a great fricking day, folks. These human civilization fractals of cruelty and stupidity leave me thinking about that great quote from William Butler Yeats, “The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”


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