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Autism Prophets

Today I need to discuss the reason some of us with autism have certain abilities that are unusual to neurotypicals. I don’t want to make anyone mad by trying to make autism more acceptable because of some special skills, but sometimes we do have them and it’s worth discussion.

We are not super or subhuman; we are just so different in many ways. Many awoke autistics who can talk are very politically sensitive about those of us who cannot talk and it sometimes causes confusion since so many different levels of experience are on the spectrum. This talks about my level, not necessarily your autism.

For one thing, I have different sensory experiences. Many people have dysfunctional and insulting labels for these differences. They are called disorders of many kinds, but I feel in many ways, these so-called symptoms are actually just differences in the working minds of autistics. Yes, my hearing is incredibly sensitive. That is often uncomfortable for me and many of my brothers and sisters on the spectrum don’t always appreciate noise, small talk, insincerity or condescension. However, many of us can hear a conversation many rooms away. So watch out what you say about us.

Other senses of mine are also different; many in good ways. I see very well peripherally, so when I type these blogs I don’t always look at the keyboard. Neurotypicals who type don’t look at the keyboard either, if they’re good typists. But skeptics jump on that as if it proves we aren’t typing.

I also see energy that people normally don’t see. I can see auras and ghosts and dark images at your feet when a dead pet follows you up the stairs. I can also hear the voices of the departed and of the spirit guides and sometimes even angels speak to me. It is not a disorder; it is a skill.

When I began these blogs over a year ago, I felt I had a duty to speak out to people who misunderstand so much, not just autistic people but even each other. The world needs all the wisdom of all prophets on deck. This is a sad ship sinking. Let our voices reach out far and wide over the melting, shrinking seas of this sad planet. We are a collective of non-speaking speakers. Don’t forget that we have so much to say.

Now that I have your attention, I want you to wake the hell up and do something. I want you to hypnotize yourselves regularly. You need to open up some sealed channels in your dysfunctional brains. I suggest that you use creative visualization and verbal self-direction as you make each body part relax on a path to a mystical, enlightened forest where you will ask the spirits for their best advice. The other thing I want people to do is to laugh a lot. The spirits of bliss enter your soul when you laugh. Do it often.

In the long run, perhaps people will understand that those of us on the spectrum have more neurons than neurotypicals. That makes us receive information at a rapid rate. That’s why you frequently bore us. You talk so slow it’s hard to focus for that long with so many other things going on. It is a good thing for absorbing information. I wasn’t taught anything in school, but thanks to documentaries and a family of intellectuals, I am quite well educated. Plus, I remember everything, even past lives. So next time you see someone with autism, don’t think, that poor, dysfunctional person. Think something real instead.

There is also a special area where the truth detectors in my intuition can tell what is true and can often read minds. I know people hate to hear that, but it’s true, so please watch your thoughts around me and don’t be insincere. I need to see your best side; it’s my right and I need to have you speak to me as if I were brilliant, because I am.


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Richard Guertin
Richard Guertin

Thank you for this and I encourage you to continue to post. Most people continue to think they are their bodies and as such have no idea of the energetic world we are all living in. There is so much going on all around us that we have no idea is happening. I know I don't have to tell you that because you are very aware. Once again I thank you. Richard

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