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Through the eyes of love

Today I need to write about the concept of universal love and its healing qualities. The truth will not allude you if you look with the eyes of love. So many of us have lost that art of seeing the true beauty in one another. These days the news on TV is enough to make us hate everyone but try to hold on to your faith in humanity. We can change this.

Think back on a time in life when you did feel deep love for someone, maybe a baby in your arms, maybe a new kitten, maybe a dog or a person you danced with or kissed. What did that feel like in your heart, soul and body? Pretty good, right? What if you could use that exact energy when reading Facebook or the news or when seeing a selfish and mean person nearby? What if you could transform your reaction?

This is of course not an easy thing to do. I suggest practicing frequently. Facebook is a great place for this because there are so many opportunities to hate on others for the evil and ignorant things they may say. I find it alarming that people share their hatred so freely, but they do, and it is everywhere these days. To practice loving kindness is the biggest challenge we now face in today’s unsettling trends toward destruction.

I’m not suggesting people aren’t acting like total ignorant jerks. They are. You just don’t need to be one of them. So, again, in your mind’s eye, look upon your loving self in some other time or place and evoke that love for yourself and others. You can do this and still protest injustice. I beg you to try.

In this particular handbasket there is such little time to turn it around. On the brink of total hell in a crappy basket is the best time to act quickly for all our sakes. Practice love now and practice it often. Love is the smile on a newborn’s face. Love is the warm wind in the trees. Love is the sweet salve of all pain. It heals. Love our planet. Love one another.

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