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Dump Trump

There are meaningless murders of innocents throughout our history. We are a country built on an Indian burial ground. It is no wonder our democracy fails. It is built on lies and genocide and what do you know? Here we are. The lying, genocidal leader of our country stirring up race wars, policing people to death, making violence fashionable. No wonder we suffer as a people. We aren’t the best country anymore, folks. We never were.

Many Republicans don’t even approve of Trump. The smart ones are appalled. The Lincoln Project (Republicans) has better anti-Trump ads than the Dem Lite’s do. They know we are on the precipice of losing our democracy completely, what is left of it, that is. I hope that we change it around before our country commits suicide by stupidity and violence.

In the history of the world, civilizations have gone under for many reasons, but often it was violence, hatred and environmental degradation that did it. Well, just look at us now. Most of us can’t breathe. I’m only one woman, but I speak for many I know. Please grow a heart, America. We need the love back.

Many of my millennial, progressive Facebook sisters and brothers will find it repugnant to vote for a party that is warlike and capitalistic, and a party that stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders twice, but I’m telling you to just get with it. There will be incredible opportunities in the future for progressives, but if Trump wins, it will never, ever happen. So just get a grip and fill out your ballots as soon as you get them and vote blue. I will, too.

My mom wept the night Trump got elected and then she put on YouTube with Ray Charles singing "America The Beautiful." Well now it’s America the Ugly. She hated Hillary and wanted Bernie, but she’s sorry now she didn’t vote for the lesser of two evils. She didn’t think Trump could win. But he can stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone like he said and get away with it.

Obviously we need a democratic overhaul. The electoral college and the supreme court are in serious trouble. In truth, we may have to do more than vote. If this monster doesn’t leave the White House, we need to stage a proper revolution and drag him out by his bone spurs.

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1 Comment

Sep 26, 2020

Practicing Kindness is Perfect Love. Thank you, Darcy👏💜

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