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World in a dream

This is for the wonderful people who like to believe there are other places to go in the universe, There really are. I had a dream about the most unusual planet ever. In the dream, I saw a population that lived side by side with the animals as equals. The planetary rule there was that just because an entity doesn’t speak a known language doesn’t mean they are not equal to those who talk.

It is said that the animals there have a place in the government, which is a very different system than we have here. The animals and the humanoids all vote for their leaders and the leaders could be humanoid or animal. The humanoids there found a way to translate animal sounds into a reasonable language. So, lucky animals. The system of governance is one of fairness. No one on that planet holds much wealth, in fact, it has capitalism but after the inhabitants get the equivalent of a million dollars they have to donate that to good causes.

The animals are multi-colored in many instances and so are the humanoids -- so many different colors that if one wanted to discriminate or be racist, it would be too complicated to bother, so they don’t have racism or anti-animalism there.

This planet also has a way to manage its environmental waste. Everything gets recycled. Everything gets re-used over and over and that which isn’t recyclable is destructible and will return to the earth readily, so there aren’t even any landfills.

The best thing about this other planet is that everyone, even the artists and poets, are respected in their world as equal professionals -- professionals equal to brain surgeons. All roles are valued. The doctors don’t form their own class, the politicians don’t either. The entire planet respects all jobs, all people, all animals, all living beings.

There are no lands on that planet where people are driven to starvation by war, pestilence, or climate change. People do not need to be refugees there because their countries are peaceful and plentiful. In that world, the wonders of the universe are constantly being revealed to scientists who do not compete but instead work together. There is no system of ego control over discoveries. All discoveries are considered meaningful, and not obstructed by government or by corporate competition.

Another thing, perhaps, irrelevant to many, is that they don’t have daylight savings time switches. They just leave the time alone, so people and animals can regulate their bodies and lives properly in rhythm with the nature of their world. The humanoids and animals are very happy because they learned to solve many problems together as if they were a close, happy family.

The news reporters tell the truth and the news programs are not brought to you by pharmaceutical companies trying to make you sick. The sponsors of the news are like the sponsors of everything else there, equally divided by differing and well-supported opinions and by the actual facts. There is no propaganda. There are no dead soldiers to grieve. There is peace and harmony and love.

Then I woke up from the dream.

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