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Why are we here?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Today I’d like to wonder with others about the one basic philosophical question: Why are we here? What is all this about? I’m not a god or The God or exactly the spokesperson for the universe, but my guess is this is more for entertainment and education.

I believe there exist cause and effect in this system because it is a fact of physics. I also believe in an experimenter effect which is also a fact of physics and when you observe something, you change it, even at a spooky distance. The physics experimentation showed evidence that we do affect things with our thinking. Our minds create realities with our thinking.

That exists as fact, I believe, in those physics experiments to some degree, and as for cause and effect, all you need to do is flip off a road rager and they will mess with you. All you need to do is eat food and turn it into waste, and survive. Our survival is a process of cause and effect.

Perhaps in another dimension or more advanced planet, we would not be subject to cause and effect, but please don’t try to tell me there is no cause and effect. When we come here for education or entertainment, we end up making a lot of causes. That creates a lot of effects. That is called karma.

You can call it anything your particular religion likes to label it; it could simply be called some glittery, amorphous name like the cosmic rhythm or something, but plain and simple, it’s karma, and it brings us back to this planet to continue the drama. We also come back to be with others we have become attached to.

Karma isn’t always a bad thing. It’s not the same as Catholic sin, for example. That’s just a construct like time to control people’s beliefs. There are so many belief traps around, but it is also true that most religions agree on one thing: Be nice to others, and they’ll be nice to you. That is cause and effect.

As for what I mentioned earlier here, the physics of the experiment/observation effect shows that as people, our minds do have power to affect reality. This can be very entertaining. That’s why I’m here.

As for past lives, there are sometimes advantages to an insight you might have from past lives regarding good luck or what appears to be luck, or regarding bad luck or what appears to be bad luck. The entire system can benefit from a certain detached observation. I don’t remember past lives on purpose in order to suffer or show off. I remember accidentally. it sometimes tortures me, but when I remember goodness, it encourages me.

I would like to conclude by saying that I think God is the universe, and we can see God in everything – each other, the sky, the love we feel, the lines and veins in the patterns on leaves, the rocks, the sand that looks like little jewels under a microscope. Our beautiful world is actually God’s patterns everywhere, extending into the universe, organized and wondrous with all that is.

Illustration by Genevieve Freeman

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