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What about truth?

I need to discuss my privilege today. It’s true that I’m a white woman of 33 years. I am, however, a non-speaking autistic, so my privilege is limited by disability discrimination. The fact remains that I will be relatively safe from the racist systemic murders perpetrated on our black brothers and sisters.

I cannot pretend to fully comprehend centuries of racial persecution, so I do not try to pretend to understand. I advise silence. Silent support. Physical support. Monetary support. Some think what about this, or what about that. It demeans the validity of the protests themselves, demeans the struggle being pointed out. What makes you want to do that?

I think the ones saying what about this or that are tipping their racial cards to show a sinister secret closet racism and I wish they would just stop. The revolution this time is televised in blazing color, the colors of truth in every single cell phone do not lie. Keep recording. Keep watching. Expose the truth and eventually the media will bother to do so.

It is incumbent upon all of us to see the reality of this important moment in history. May the powers of the Great Spirit shine upon it


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