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Whacked Weather

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Today we are to believe that the world is not in trouble, but it is. I want to tell you the polar sliding of the weather is a new thing. We need to plan for the future.

I'm concerned about the Amazon forest being destroyed at break neck speed. We can't survive that. The most important thing to remember is that the trees are our lungs. If trees were here like they once were, we'd be okay, but now they're disappearing like the starfish in the Fukushima sea.

Everything is tainted by something. The perfection of things is impossible, but we could at least try.Industry spews, world trade degrades, prisoners freeze in inhumane prisons. Coups are staged in the name of nothing in particular. If we weren't alive we'd be helpless to change stuff. Let's do it while we're here. We are the guardians of the planet and humanity.

I'm not sure we could stop this trend in climate change but we could surely try. In the arctic it's like 25 degrees while people are frozen to the streets in Chicago. This is whacked weather. We need to get used to it, but most of all we need to plant trees everywhere as soon as possible.

I knew that scientists knew about global warming in the 70s because my mom learned about it in her college ecology class back then. I'm not a forester, but if I had a bag of tree seeds I'd go for it. If environmental concerns are not considered as important, we're done. The very molecules in fabric of our collective karma are screaming out for us to save us.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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