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We saw what we saw

This is a blog about UFOs. People keep seeing them, but covering up the reporting on them. The news, of course, won’t tell you because they don’t want to be labeled insane and they would lose viewers. The government doesn’t want you to know because they have many secret space war projects. That’s where all the missing Pentagon money goes. The leaked emails showed discussion about what to do about the aliens and no one noticed. It’s like their perceptions wouldn’t let it in. It was as if those words were as invisible as the UFOs themselves.

The aliens have been here since the dawn of civilization. That’s why you see flying saucers in ancient paintings. That’s why you see spacemen etched on cave sites. That’s why the people deep down know the truth. That’s why many of us have been looking at the sky a lot.

Sometimes we see weird stuff.

A few years ago, my family saw UFOs twice about two years or so apart. They were radically different craft. The first one we thought was a star. It came on a super moon evening, so we were already looking at the sky. My mom noticed a really bright star like Venus, only next to the moon, so she thought that weird, but didn’t think much about it until a couple of minutes later, the star shot directly and very fast, straight up, and then stopped and went straight sideways, and then horizontally the other way sideways.

Then it started going forward, what seemed like miles very fast and then abruptly backwards. Between these maneuverings, it would stop and remain completely motionless. So, of course, by then the whole family was out on the deck watching. At first, as it came closer it appeared as an orange ball, and then as it moved erratically around, it opened up into red and green lights, four of them. This went on for a long while. In fact, there’s a video we took on my website. ( There’s a button you can press there to see the video. It’s got a long, black section in it because the video was so hard to take with the space craft moving so fast.

After this happened, my parents looked up UFO sightings in our area, and there had been many for years. They called the Colorado Chapter of MUFON, and then met separately at Starbucks with this guy to be interviewed. My mom says he was a real “man in black” guy, dressed all in black and emerging from a black van with a briefcase. He talked more than they did, they said.

We had sent the movie, but he didn’t seem interested. He had a print out of the radar from that Sunday night, the night of the sighting – a print out from an airport about ten miles away. It showed a private jet, he said, just playing around. Of course, the airport was closed that night, he said, so he figured some jet was just having dangerous fun. That is patently ridiculous.

Of course, when we told our friends, it was as we anticipated. One person said, well, there was a meteor shower, maybe. Others said it must have been a drone, and yes, we thought maybe that it might be a drone. However, the airport picked it up ten miles away, so that could not have been a drone. It was closer and had to be a spacecraft of some kind, not a drone. But people are propagandized into ridiculing those who report UFOs, and we could tell people were putting invisible aluminum hats on our heads.

Then a couple of years later, we saw something entirely different -- unidentified objects that flew a few yards above tree line. They were giant, glowing, orange and red orb-like shapes moving steadily past our house in the same direction toward the mountains. We don’t have a video, but we do have a still shot of one of them. It’s pretty interesting.

When we saw this, we weren’t so anxious to tell others since they didn’t really believe us before but we found out later that other neighbors saw it, too. I’m not sure anyone will believe this blog any more than they believe me, but this is the truth. These things, we really saw. Other people have seen them, too. We can’t all be making this up.

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