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We can turn this around

Today I need to discuss the empty promises of the world leaders to attempt world peace. They gather like a club of elites and talk about financial plans for world domination on behalf of basically white people for the interests of basically white people, and the rulers of each part of the basically white world. The elite wealthy run all things. We like to believe in democracy, but it has been ruthlessly destroyed while we were scrolling Facebook. Our TVs are spying on us. Our phones are spying on us. Our leaders are vigilant and prepared for any revolutionary thinking that threatens their power.

The truth tellers languish in jail or cower under special protections. On one hand, the whistle blowers get protection and on the other they languish near death in solitary confinement in a jail cell or like Snowden in another country entirely. We have selective justice, but it seldom is pointed toward the true evil doers, the oligarchs.

Our millennial generation is so filled with anxiety they must do mental health exercises in their parents’ basements. Student debt had destroyed their lives. But if they are optimistic enough to have children, they cannot even stand to think about the future. In the world of climate change the future scares us but we can’t even believe the media anymore. We can see for ourselves the many changes in weather and the changes in peoples’ circumstances.

As the singer in the Doors said, “Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down.” Our only choice now is to move forward, connecting loving souls with a purpose for peace. It can still be done. We aren’t through with this world yet, people. We can turn it around. I beg you to try.

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