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Wars of fools

If war were a solution for disagreement, we’d all be dead millions of times over. War is never the answer. We are on the verge of a danger with an insane president wanting to distract from his impeachment. His fat guy (Mike Pompeo) who recommends war is a bible-banging lunatic who wants war in the Middle East to prove the Biblical prophesy of his imagined resurrection of just certain dead folks who believe as he does.

If the former presidents thought of peace, their handlers wouldn’t allow it either. Mr. Peace Prize Obama had to bomb seven countries and we actually liked him. Every mother and child under the bombs know the truth of war. Every soldier under threat of fire knows war is wrong. It’s the wealthy politicians and corporate war machine profiteers that love war and those deluded Bible prophesy people who want to bring it – not the soldiers, not the people.

The people gather up their dead babies and run for cover. They should lay them at the feet of America. We seem to love that. The only world we know is a war world. How wonderful it must be on some other distant planet that knows better. No other species fouls its nest, but we do. We sleep in the refuse of toxins and danger and endless war. The stench of the war dead must rise to the heavens and seek resolution in the sweet fragrance of peace.

In the end of days, it will not be Jesus raising you all up from your graves. It will be your own sad, guilty souls that will search the universe for the peace you lack. The warrior class is a doomed class. The problem is, it takes us all with it. The world doesn’t have time for more wars. In case no one noticed, the world is on fire. It’s committing suicide. Why shouldn’t it?


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