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Peace never comes

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This blog today involves the many reasons why world peace is not coming about in this particular phase of history. The first reason is that we have not conquered our beastly ways which are no longer useful to us. When we started out as a species, of course we were more uncivilized. However, as our species developed, one would think so would its violent, aggressive manners. Those were the species’ survival needs.

But now with so-called civilized people that protective characteristic is no longer necessary for survival of the species, yet our violence continues as if we were inside a cave protecting our families from wild animals. If we’re lucky, we will evolve out of this, but right now the entire world seems engulfed in conflict.

In our own country, race hates race, the politically correct hate the not-so-correct, while the border of our country is growing into a horrible conflict. The border wall is an example of ancient proclivities – ridiculous and inhumane. People today legally kill and kidnap children and women all over the world. Even now we behave more animal like than the animals. It’s useless to be that way.

The inevitable consequence of dwindling resources and refugees is as ancient as the first civilizations when farmland went bad and savage warriors boarded ships and the Sea People wiped out the early civilizations.

If the wealthiest of the world would share their wealth with the rest of the world, there wouldn’t be reasons for war. There would be reasons for peace. But that will never happen as long the wealthy feel so entitled. It is ongoing. It is past time to evolve out of this pitiful state of existence and to realize we are capable of peace. It is possible if we can just survive all the coming changes.

If we could weave a new quilt out of the threads of our love, we could wrap the world in it. That is a long-term goal. In another, parallel world, earth has peace. We need to merge in the void with more peaceful entities. I have seen a resplendent race of people. They exist. We could be like that: a shining, loving species that evolves properly.

I hope that we can somehow rise above our animal selves and achieve our rightful existence in everlasting peace. We must. I’m just one person in this world, but if every soul here that yearns for peace could practice peace always in the heart. It could go toward a whole new world.

I'd like to share now a poem I wrote about war many years ago.


Grey brown and red dark shadows oppressively read the news people buried the dream too deep for tears to react

Bewildered in sand wearing their grief in tatters, eyes raised heavenward

Peace had no chance to breathe in red puddles of war all hopes into the sea at last

Inside rubble bodies hold each other

forsaken finally by their god

Ghost children scream for revenge in the night

Peace never comes.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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