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War and poverty

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

There is so much harm being done to poor people in this corporate world. It is horrible that people live on the streets like in the depression times. We need a huge outreach of compassion to save people from poverty. It can't be that hard to do. The poor are not guilty of laziness. I wonder what brings people to the streets. When I see them I think that person was once a baby in the arms of a mom wanting the best for her child. It is sad that the income disparity and treatment of the mentally ill can't be solved. The disparaging things said about the poor are wrong. They aren't lazy. They are just unlucky.

In another world this would not be so. People would be free for once to evolve to a higher level. The prerogative here is to starve the poor and fatten up the rich at the top of the food chain.

Change will happen through human revolution and foresight. Look to the artists. They are the profits of eternity. I believe the ultimate victory rests with the peace keepers. Both our political parties want nothing but war to fuel the economy. They will stop short of nothing to continue endless wars. Even liberals don't care any more. They love war, too. They only care about the misuse of pronouns they can't stand. They are more invested in identity politics than in stopping endless wars. Their myopia is beyond belief.

I need to explain that this is the main illness affecting humanity and that until it is cured we will suffer as a species.

art by Genevieve Freeman

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