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Wakeful walking through the forest of self hypnosis

I’d like to discuss wakefulness. The type of wakefulness I’m talking about is the type where you see beyond yourself, the type where your ego is not part of the vision. Without the ego, lenses on your glasses, you can see much further and the wakefulness will occur faster. Vision can then be free to truly observe what is happening. Wakefulness is usually necessary if you want to direct your vision in the place in the most need of understanding.

Once you finally have the wakefulness you want, silence if important. Good luck with that, but if you do find silence, it will be helpful to your wakeful, visionary abilities. In a sense, it’s like mindfulness meditation. It is extremely wonderful for insight. In such a state, one can do remote viewing, check in on situations of concern or even predict things correctly. Sometimes people do wakefulness while walking. That’s a great way to understand things – using a meditative walk. These are walking, wakeful moments.

There is another useful way and that is self-hypnotic meditation. It’s not quite Buddhist and not quite typical, I suppose, but here is how to do it. Start out comfortable and imagine you are walking slowly down a beautiful forest pathway. With each step you take, relax a part of your body completely, starting with your feet.

Imagine each cell in your feet relaxing as a white light starts to fill up your body slowly. So now you’re still walking down the path, but with relaxed feet. You are barefoot so make it real. Imagine you can feel the soft soil under your feet as you slowly walk. Each time you breathe in, you bring that white light further up your ankles and legs.

Then your legs are relaxed. Then your knees, and so on up your body. You bring the white light into you as you walk down the beautiful pathway. Then you get to a beach. Each step brings you higher into your subconscious. You remind yourself that you will stay awake now because you are so relaxed that if you don’t, you’ll fall asleep.

Keep walking until you are totally filled with white light. You walk onto the beach. The sand is warm, the ocean is beyond worry. You enter a transparent elevator with numbers for floors. You are totally relaxed. You get into the elevator. Inside the glass elevator you can see the lighted numbers. You are on floor one. You tell yourself as you start to rise up into the heavens, that you can see the numbers going up. You start a counting and you tell yourself by the number ten you will be in a total transcendent awake state.

You watch the Earth get smaller and smaller as you count up. The Earth gets so small, then you go through the clouds. Then you are above the clouds and enter the starry sky in the universe. At this point, by the time your count gets to ten, you should be completely transcendent and aware. I usually go to my safe place, a study built high in the air with glass walls and comfortable furniture, movie screens, library, and a stage to act out visualizations.

From this state, even a non-psychic can understand, predict and see, and even do some self-healing. When you are finally so happy and at peace, and ready to come back, you get in the elevator, tell yourself by the count of one you will awake feeling incredible and wonderful and full of grace and love. Do that. It will help.


Image by Harald Matern

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