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Wait for it

The days grow longer.

The nights get shorter.

In the cold dark days

the flowers inch

toward the green surface.

It will be as it always was:

eternal change,

eternal waiting,

eternal wonder

at the eternal cycles of life.

The winter never outlasts its

welcome in the forest.

The night awaits the dawn.

The dawn awaits the night.

Animals surrender to the season

and wait until the warmth returns.

That's all we need to think.

In the universe it's always best

to go the same direction

as the spinning world you are on.

NOTE: Before I did this website, my bro, David, made

a poetry website for me. You can visit that at:

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1 Comment

Arthur Golden
Arthur Golden
Feb 05, 2019

The link to your poetry does not work for me. Any suggestions?

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