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Vulnerable in the vortex

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I have been thinking today about the polar vortex and how vulnerable we are as we try to understand global warming. The planet is undergoing a metamorphosis and it's of course terrifying, but I want people to understand that the humans will survive these changes as scary as they are. We survived the ice age and we'll survive this for at least a few decades.

I think it's reversible to some extent, but today's children are going to have to take this up soon and if they don't that will be almost the end. The humans are supposed endure these things. It's a natural event like the spread of civilization. The climate change is naturally occurring from the increased population. Other planets have conquered this. Perhaps we will, too. I have not lost hope.

In another time and space I see a bright future for the planet. In a parallel world, they work all this out. We're in deep trouble if we don't act now. I believe that if we start now we can change this, but we have to start now. We have to realize the the climate is changing and we have to stop relying on oil production. Find another way.

photo by Carolyn Reed

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