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My body, my rights

The subject of major concern today regards the helping souls who really understand the people with autism. I’m so impressed that so many wonderful words of wisdom do actually make it to the public’s attention. There are intelligent studies being done in other countries not dedicated to corporate medicine and the worship of its gods.

Other countries dare to do research about autism. They aren’t ridiculed or reviled. They are listened to. The latest news is that gut issues may be at fault with some people who have autism. That’s not news to autism parents, even in the US, but the anti-cure hysterics get in the way of any science on autism or even discussion about what might be physically wrong with us.

Did your doctor tell you autism is normal, and so you went home and worried? That’s what you did, or you blamed your genetics or figured maybe it’s just bad luck. You never thought maybe out of the box thinking was needed to understand out of the box people. My thinking is that we were indeed affected by genetic components that make our bodies a little different the way we process food and chemicals.

But people here are too believing, as you might know; they put poison on their lawns and we get those chemicals. They put poison in their air and we process those incorrectly. It is no wonder when as an infant many are not actually helped by vaccines. The one size fits all doesn’t fit people with genetically different immune systems.

This doesn’t mean I want your babies to die from measles, so please don’t stop reading from your hysterically induced fears. The fact is no one knows what our bodies can take until they poison us. I was recently poisoned by well-intentioned dentists who gave me the wrong antibiotic. That brings me to the subject of antibiotics, which perhaps contribute to serious body issues and immune issues. It’s possible that the numerous antibiotics I had as a baby and toddler deranged my gut which is connected to my brain.

This is not rocket science; this is about differently-wired people being poisoned by one-size-fits-all medicine and the blind trust we put in corporations. Did you think the CDC was a governmental oversight body? It is not – it is a corporation.

I heard recently scientists have discovered that people with autism who have received fecal transplants into their guts have actually seen their autism symptoms improve by fifty percent, so what a cool thing if it’s true! Too bad there aren’t medical tests done on newborns to see if they might have immune system issues.

If they did those tests first, maybe they’d change their vaccine schedules to be safer over longer periods of time. Not all newborns can handle the greater good. I was one of them, and now as an adult I still can’t handle all the meds doctors think I need. I have a right to discuss this. I have what they call severe, non-speaking autism. Don’t you try to tell me what my body needs just because you think it’s okay for you. It isn’t okay for me.

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