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Divided we fall

I’m interested in talking about the ruthless ones who argue incessantly about politics. Then they argue about who is bad and who is good. On some Facebook sites, not everyone is welcome. Many neurodivergent autists seem to hate their parents, for instance, and many other special, discriminated against populations also reject anyone not exactly like themselves.

They have special labels for themselves; if you get it wrong, you’re kicked out. If you like all races, you’re kicked out, if you like men you’re kicked out, if you like women, you’re kicked out. It’s as if we were not humanity at all because there is the word man in that description. We can’t even talk to people out of our faction: intersectional, autistic, cisgendered or transgendered or whatever labels we need to separate ourselves into tidy little groups that know better than all the other groups.

It isn’t just politics that divide us, it is ruthlessness toward those who are different, even within the downtrodden, discriminated-against groups, they turn and do the same to others. This type of over specialization is ridiculous. We are all humans. It is absurd to hate on any one group. The segregationist mentality of so-called emergent rebels needs another look.

Intersectionality is just another word – try humanity. I used to be a proud liberal. Now I wouldn’t call myself that anymore after watching the clown shows on TV. I wouldn’t want to be a so-called liberal anymore or anything else, actually, with any label. I just want to be a person with a shitload of feelings like anyone else, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but definitely over comfortable labels. There are no longer any useful ones.

I think each person needs to stop being a category right now. Intersectionality is just another ridiculous label. Then, if you’re not properly intersectional, those non-intersectional folks won’t hear you. Human interactions are still supposed to be human. If only we could come together with one central issue as soon as possible or maybe even two central issues to save humanity, not just one faction. I live for that day because then we will advance as a species and won’t have to divide ourselves into warring, self-righteous factions.

One problem I see causing this is social justice classes in universities teaching the labels to divide; teaching the objectionable; teaching people to focus on stupid little things, aware in their own separate cocoons of special interest. They are given projects focusing on irrelevance and forced to care and research and confirm their darkest perceptions of other’s actions. It’s a totally new form of bigotry: politically correct bigotry.

I cannot express my outrage if I’m privileged because I’m privileged, so that’s it on that, right? I can’t express my suffering out loud because some ancestor owned slaves. My opinion doesn’t matter because I’m labeled white and privileged. My autistic opinion often doesn’t matter to others in that realm because I don’t hate parents and I think there are causes for autism.

In another time, perhaps we will know better, but for now it seems the human unity we need is disrupted entirely. I wonder if this is assisted by interventionists who want to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. That’s just a thought, that maybe we are being encouraged by the rulers of the many wealthy governments or corporations -- to be divided. That way we can never move ahead with meaningful change as a species. I just wonder.

photo ripped off from Star Trek

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