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War planet

My blog today is about the elite controllers. This subject is serious. They are the one percent. They are the controllers. They control the rest of the world, the ninety-nine percent. The recent example of this is the death of a local disability advocate here in Colorado, Carrie Lucas with the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. She died from the arbitrary denial of needed medical equipment.

I’m not about the revolution but if I thought it would work, I would be. This is just a small example. There are also bigger examples, like in Flint, Michigan. That’s one still going on, and no one stops it. Other parts of the world also suffer from the greed of the one percent – suffer even worse than the poor or middle class in this country.

In other countries, the one percent is creating war and profit from war and oil and that is all that matters in the world: oil. It drives cars, it drives people, it drives war, it drives us all to death. It’s all the plan, apparently, to feed the oil to everybody when they are starving, I guess. That must be the deal.

The one percent doesn’t even know what things cost. They can’t even count their trillions. It takes 32,000 years to even count to one trillion. Why would anyone need trillions or billions of dollars to just sit in a bank? Why? I have heard that if you took the wealth of the one percent and spread even a percentage of it around to everyone, that everyone on the planet would have a house and enough to eat. It boggles the mind why this can’t happen.

This is all the proof we need to decide that this world is not the friendliest place. This world seems to have unfortunate rules. I always break the rules. I wish it mattered to the planet of struggling people. In some future time, perhaps our species will see they are all connected. They might see the harm their greed produces. They might join with the angels of creation instead of the demons of destruction, but this isn’t likely.

The path we are on is starting to close in that direction. If we don’t walk it soon, it will disappear. I ask for divine intervention here. That’s all I can do. I visualize the happy possibilities. I am not sure that will matter in the grand scheme of things, but that’s all I can think of to do. That, and pray and write. I care about the planet and its people. Doesn’t everyone? If not, why not?

We are supposed to live in peace and love. I once saw a commercial for paint that showed the earth being covered by paint. I imagine it’s really being covered by oil. I imagine that oil going back up into the container. If you somehow think I’m deluded about the quest for oil, I recommend you Google what General Wesley Clark said (, that we are going after all the oil countries one by one.

I’m confident that if we stop and think about this, we will not be so hasty to invade countries, so many people die then. We need to stop it right now, not later, right now. I’m not sure that as a species we are capable of turning this around. I call on everyone to invoke whatever angel, whatever god they believe in to change this, to open the paths to peace and to help us share the wealth of this wondrous world.

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1 Comment

Loren Nicole Shelton
Loren Nicole Shelton
Feb 26, 2019

I really enjoyed reading this. I have never understood why or how people can allow other people to suffer. It causes me such heartache when I think about it. I love to see that someone else sees that the answer to salvation is so simple.

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