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Divinity is free

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

It’s time to speak from my spirit guide to you. I’m sure you may understand that sometimes the spirits speak truth to me. I’m hearing the voice say that the dear souls of this planet will suffer many changes but the future still exists out there just like all the other times, all the past, all the present, all the future, malleable and changing.

In the moment, time seems real. It passes, we think. But it’s actually all happening at once: past, present and future. Time is not actual. If you remember dreams you might notice how easily you travel through time and space in a dream. That will one day be possible in waking life. In these four dimensions that isn’t possible, but as we evolve, the fifth dimension is opening up.

In that dimension these things are possible. The dream world we go to is a real world. It’s in the fifth dimension and it’s as real as this one. I often converse with others there. We have a plan to save our planet. You enter that dimension through little portal-like vortexes. They exist inside your brain like switches, inactivated switches. If you meditate or dream, it sets off those switches and the vortex opens.

When people sometimes go crazy, these switches get messed up, which accounts for breaks in this reality. When people can do lucid dreaming, they learn to responsibly open these channels. Some types of psychedelics also open these up. If the inner switch opens the gates to that dimension, things start out as if they made no sense but then after you wake up, you see things made perfect sense even though they were extra-dimensional.

They made perfect sense in that dimension. Another way to open these gates is self-hypnosis. Another is exercise, and another is positive, powerful thinking. One needs to acknowledge one’s painful thinking and move on immediately to other things more constructive.

The great news is that we really can achieve anything in our lives. The truth will eventually come forth that we are all God. If we treated one another as if each of us were divine it would be, could be, should be a divine world. It can happen. Whether we divide ourselves between the black and white, the left or right, the able or disabled, the haves or the have nots, we could all have divinity. It's free.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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