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Truth be known

The state of world affairs is indeed alarming, especially today when Julian Assange was dragged screaming out of the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested. The US wants to extradite him for telling the truth. The US, both sides of our pathetic aisles of our house and senate want to kill the truth tellers. They don’t want journalism to expose their collective crimes against humanity.

It is the final nail in the coffin of the free world and any humanitarian news that people deserve to know about the sinister motives of those in control. These things have happened before -- just before total fascistic dictatorships take control. People need to be very careful what they do and say. Even our phones are recording and denouncing us as we speak.

I’m reminded of the many examples throughout history when hysterics took over and the rulers persecuted certain truth tellers or burned them. It is routine to our species to undergo what is possibly fractal-like structures of mass stupidity and violence. Nothing new under the sun, as they say.

The truth is no longer profitable. If truth tellers tell the truth about war crimes, if truth tellers tell the truth about toxins, if truth tellers tell the truth about the pharmaceutical industry, they will be ridiculed and jailed and even killed. These are seriously dark times. I propose that those of us who hope for and envision a saner reality for our planet now step up with one overwhelmingly loud voice and say, enough!

We want to know the truth in the world. We don’t want propaganda; we want the truth. We have to stand up and demand the rights of all journalists and whistle blowers who speak out in the name of humanity to be protected from persecution. Power to the truth, power to the people, power to the peaceful, and the truth tellers of the world. If you can’t write the truth, don’t write.

The ultimate fate of our world depends on the truth tellers. The ultimate truth is available, but all systems are shutting down. The truth is now illegal. I’m not sure there’s any recovery this time. It is imperative now more than ever for those who actually witness the truth to speak out fearlessly and often.

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1 Comment

Maria Mokate Reed
Maria Mokate Reed
Apr 24, 2019

Hi Darcy, on the Truth is dying or JA, you don't believe that he was actually being taken into protective custody? Since there are elements of evil trying to halt truth, wouldn't a truth seeking element want to have a closer proximately to JA? Perhaps to keep him as a protected witness to crimes of humanity?

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