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Thoughts, prayers and teddy bears

Today I want to discuss the ongoing war on children. The thoughts and prayers today do not manage the problem, as I’ve said before. Imagine sitting in the dark on the floor in your classroom in any school in our country. You don’t really know if it’s a real lock down or a drill, but in your mind you are a child being shot at. You wonder then if you’ll ever see your family again. You wonder which class is getting shot up, you wonder if school is even worth the risk anymore. I do, too.

The other day, not even a mile from our peaceful, suburban home, there was another school shooting. Our state has issues with gun control, obviously, and our kids aren’t as safe as they need to be. It’s time for the madness to stop. It’s as if our country actually believes the Second Amendment is about freedom to kill. Why do people need freedom for "a well-armed militia" to fight the government, as if they could? The government would just send SWAT teams and blow you away with your little, even big guns.

What are people thinking? In the coming decade, there will be an accounting of our violence in this world and our country will bury more children and send more thoughts and prayers, light candles, bring teddy bears to leave with flowers on some street side.

There might be a new trend now among classroom victims of gun-toting-psycho- students. The trend will be for brave students to throw themselves on the gun wielding maniac whether it kills them or not. They will save their classmates because children are the first responders, and often braver than police. So now it’s up to them to save or be saved. Our society won’t do it. The children may as well.

The gun lobby is an incredible corporate pimp, trying to arm all of society so we can kill off each other, it seems, but who will they sell their death cannons to then? The gun lobby pushes our already corrupt corporate government around like it’s their little toy.

The ultimate solution in my mind is to stop selling bullets. The guns are already out there and the criminal government and gun lobby will never stop producing more guns. The end of gun violence will come when there are no more bullets, not before.

In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to invest in bullet proof vests for all children. You can’t keep the kids out of school; even the ones with guns get in. We need to have a serious civil defense system for students. They can’t just hide under their desks anymore; they need effective security or how will they ever feel safe in school?

I am no longer a student in a school, but I have an adorable nephew who's about to graduate from first grade. I wonder what lessons he’s learning about school safety. I wonder how safe he is. I think of him having school nightmares of intruders wrecking his safe space of learning. I wonder how many years of lock downs he’ll go through before he wonders if this society is worth belonging to. I certainly do.

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