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Thought bubbles

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Today’s blog is about the very useful aspects of intention. People may be unaware that their thoughts actually create little thought bubbles. Those thought bubbles congeal in a direction together toward that which we intend. Unfortunately, the same thought bubbles go toward what we fear in your imagination.

I’m having difficulty understanding how thought creates reality but I’m beginning to believe these bubbles are the deal – thought forms. It’s likely that these bubbles manifest a reality. Eventually, if there are enough of them, and if the emotion behind the thought is powerful, then the thought form travels to the event of manifestation.

If there is ever a time in the history of this planet for willful positive intention, it is now. Like I said in a previous blog, we must collectivize our vision. It has become necessary to control our own thoughts these days by turning off the news. These days if it were real news, the journalists would be in jail. The news has become nothing more than propaganda for war and fear. It is out of control. The media is a corporate hypnotist. It normalizes war and killing until we think collectively that somebody has to die, it may as well be far away over there somewhere, and we just keep fearing the other folks, which builds more negative thought forms.

It’s not the best of times. Like Yeats said, the best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. I need to say that if we continue with our fear-based thinking, we are doomed. I’m certain we could save ourselves if we gave this a try. You can tell when a destructive thought is coming into your head, or a discouraging thought or a fear. Visualize taking that thought and strangling it into nothing but black dust that blows away in the wind.

Your positive thoughts replace that and float away in thought bubbles toward manifestation. I think if people want to get good at this, it could become paradise here. I really do. I understand that many earthlings are trying to turn this around, but they need more positive intentions directed like lasers of peace and love toward all that is evil and fake. It’s time to rise up and control our own thoughts and use them like rays of peace emanating from the center of a giant sunflower out into the world.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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