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Think Sync

Today I’m thinking that the world is shrouded in so many mysterious wonders that only millions of souls here focused together can ever solve the answers that plague humanity. The focus of my concern today is how synchronicity works – what similarities exist in this world that synchronize in time and meaning.

Everything on the planet including human activities is limited in scope, so much so that often dramas and people’s relationships match up exactly. Synchronicity is not some mumbo-jumbo; it’s a real deal. Look how nature is organized, for instance -- incredibly organized into designs that are similar. They are known as fractals. Fractals are a scientific fact.

Humans are part of nature. Their internal organs are usually quite similar, so are their little life dramas, their conversations, their worries and their joys. We are all one system here on Earth. There are so many repetitions of realities but they are finite as far as we can see. If we had microscopic vision, we would see the cellular fractals.

There is naturally a finite number of types of everything here, but the layers of meaning are what often escape us and we find satisfaction when we have coincidences. They make us feel connected and lucky somehow, like we’re not alone, like there are other selves similar to our own in the world who look or act or think like we do.

They are sometimes found in unexpected venues. Sometimes, we meet them on Facebook. We are actually energetically drawn to those with similarities. It is part of nature. There are a finite number of archetypal patterns, like there are 64 squares on a chessboard, or 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching, combined influences make those possibilities vast, even though the numbers appear finite. They do cover vast expanses

When synchronicity occurs it’s like a small rivulet of water departing from the main river. Other drops of water flow in the same direction as if together. So does humanity in a number of ways. Astrology, for instance, attempts to classify types of people and numerous combinations of planetary transits which make that study more vast than simply twelve signs.

The psychologists also classify personality types with a limited and finite list of types of thinking and behavior. Everything can be classified into a system here because it is a system of finite yet vast possibilities. So, naturally numerous events happen in sync with one another.

What occurs when people have a sense they are in sync with others or events is special. There is indeed some energy connection in the flow that goes on. In some sense becoming aware of that synchronized flow is a good sign, as if we are on the right track and the universal gods nod their heads in approval at us for knowing where we are.

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