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They fly in cloaked ships

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This is a blog about stuff you don't already know.

Way far away from here is a planet cluster called Xerxes where many of our people came from. They look like us so they can blend in with our people to help us evolve. They are changing our species for the good. They fly in cloaked ships so we don't see them.

They have figured out how to bring peace here, but it will not be easy. Certain members of society who are superior to others may have come from there, for instance, Nikola Tesla or Martin Luther King, or the Dalai Lama. They are the best aliens. Many other beings have come here, too, of course, but many more are from the Xerxes cluster. It is a slow revolution. The cycles here are meant to be hard. It is like an excursion into all possibilities to come to this planet. That's why we all came.

On the other world the projects are different than here. It is more interstellar. They fly here in space ships. They are everywhere. They reduce our nuclear threat by stopping or dismantling bombs that pose a threat, so it's nice to know that. If the planet overheats they can help us cool it somewhat, but that is the real problem. The climate change will kill millions anyway. I'm glad to report that we will come back some day and get it right.

art by Genevieve Freeman

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