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The truth will out

I’m hoping that the world is free from danger in the new light that shines this year. It just feels as if things are going to start opening up in the darkest corners of all the mean minds. That will be a day for celebration, a day when it matters what you have to say, wherever you say it as long as it’s kind.

A new change would help because I think freedom of speech is dwindling now on social media. I’m looking for a less evil place to share blogs that will be welcome. Many moderators of groups have pages of rules for things you can’t discuss. I think that’s silly. If you want to discuss stuff on Facebook, you should be able to.

I’m wondering if we need a different social media platform, but I don’t think we’ll get it. I hope someday there will be healthy non-profit competition in that venue. Until then, I’m not sure it’s a very cool place. I think it might be somewhat dangerous for freedom of speech. This is a creeping kind of restriction, so when things do get totally censored, we don’t even get to know.

We’ve become so dependent on Facebook to resurrect our sense of tribes. We don’t talk to neighbors in many cases. We struggle for the spotlight, in other cases we vilify others, we disagree with them, block them, then discuss our own problems in little pods of negativity.

That is going to be a new day when people stop self-segregating for their own comfort. People need to mix it up. Respect each other, let people talk. When there are more choices for reasoned communication, there will be more reasoned communication for all people. There are no ways to do this, it seems, without lots of money, millions, billions.

The monopolistic character of many of our greatest benefits actually restrict those benefits since there is no competition. The one and only corporate monopoly will tell you what the rules are. I’m not sure where the truth goes when it’s shut down, but for the love of humanity, we have to find an outlet. I’m looking now for truth outlets.

I’ve been having a difficult time in that but I will keep trying. It’s difficult as a person with what’s called level 6 autism to be taken seriously, but WTF, I keep trying. It’s not just the normals. They often listen, but the other people, so proud to be who they are won’t listen, either. I believe it is time to step up with one loud and wise voice against the many injustices in the world.

I believe we won’t even get to know what those injustices are without a news revolution. It needs to happen, but then what happens to those truth tellers in this world? Not a pretty sight, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Karen Silkwood. What happens to the truth tellers these days?

Finally, I’d just like to say that I want to be welcome wherever I show up on Facebook. There are so many encouraging people who like to hear me. I hope my truth never hurts anyone. I won’t stop until I know things will change for us all in these times.

painting by Genevieve Freeman

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