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The spirit says to be not afraid

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I’m in awe today at the wisdom I see seeping through the pond scum in the form of lucidity. It is a refreshing moment when people love one another openly and say so. They know they are together on some level for a reason. Our individual karmas are interlaced in regular intervals like a great weaving in a cosmic fabric. There are threads of golden awareness in the world. You can find them like little treasures everywhere, especially in nature. They are tiny keys that you turn in your mind.

I can hear the voices of the higher spirits who come to guide, now. They love us and want us to know how precious each one of us is. Whether we agree with one another or not, we are still the fabric of total humanity linked by threads of thought and feeling. The spirit wants you to know you can make beautiful weavings with this thread or horrific nets to restrict and bind. The choice is all yours. She says the woven mechanism of threads eventually will blanket the earth like a comforting friend.

The Spirit wants to say be not afraid. Don’t hate. Convert your negative feelings now and miracles will happen. The spirit says that It’s really true that we can help create a better reality, even under the conditions we are in here on Earth. It can be done. It must be done. Tell the others. The spirit also says that the dead too are cheering when we make progress. Many of them stay here as spirits to help in the hereafter, then also there is a network of angels we can call upon.

I have to speak for this spirit more often. I like it. Usually my words are my own, spoken from my own heart. But sometimes a friendly spirit wants to say something, as in today’s blog. Be open in your hearts and minds and listen in the silence. It will speak to you, too.

illustration by Carolyn Reed

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Feb 08, 2019

Love the Spirit

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