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The sixth extinction

This is my day to think about the reality based in the distant future of this planet. I see the many lives lost to global warming. I see the many events that lead to possible destruction of civilization. I have said before that an alternative reality exists. We do have the powers still to change this, but time is running out.

Some days I see clearly a beautiful future; other days I see the opposite. This isn’t to say the bad stuff will definitely happen, but it frightens me to witness flashes from the future when they might be real. Knowing what might happen doesn’t mean it will, but I think those of us who can sense things in advance are pretty concerned. It’s ironic that the only group to stand up publicly and denounce global warming is a group of children.

It’s the children who we must follow to a new world. Listen to them, they know the way. They have the most to lose. They live their lives under the sixth extinction. Their futures are in our hands. Their futures always have been. Now, everyone’s future needs help. It is time to hear the kids; they have the clearest voices of all.

I’d like to re-imagine the future when I worry about it. I see the tall skyscrapers with hanging gardens curling down their sides. I see cities with giant trees everywhere as quiet cars run on non-toxic gas. I see the clear stars at night and I see the children unburdened by abuse and war, unconcerned with labels and more interested in communing with others in peace.

I see animals coming back from the edge of extinction. I see nuclear power plants shut down and buried deep in the earth. I see the oceans free of plastic. I see the giant whales free from slaughter. I see the birds and the many insects return to the plentiful earth that can and will provide for all people. I see the earth, blue and green. It swirls in the dark galaxy. It sparkles in the universe, the multi-verses singing poems and songs in the rhythm of the cosmos.

This spinning orb of ours will spin and spin and spin until we no longer live here. It will outlive thousands upon thousands more generations if we protect it now. These are the images I like to bring to mind when I start to horribilize about the future. It does no good to panic, but one needs to be aware of the possibilities.

I, for one, feel powerless to affect change, but in some small way I like to put forth an optimistic vision of a happy and clean future. It’s just daydreaming, but it’s also partly a form of prayer to focus on great possibilities. I’m sure that once we learn to correct our conscious vision toward a better future it will help. I believe people can create their own reality and collectively save the planet. Imagine a better world. Imagine it now.

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