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"The scream of the butterfly"

Observational powers exist when you look for the observable and beyond. Of course, you could also close your eyes and then open up your third eye. Either way, if you’re paying attention you will see planet earth. This is Earth Day. I want you to observe the earth. You can’t see it if you don’t look deeply.

The day you really see the agony of Mother Earth is the day you will grieve for our great losses here in the sixth extinction. I’ve written about this before and I will write about this again.

The earth has much to say about this but she only speaks in wind patterns, only speaks in volcanoes, only speaks in tornadoes and hurricanes and tidal waves. Can you hear her? She whispers her agonized song into your dreams while you sleep. She cries like a wounded child alone in the night.

The only way to save our planet may be over, but there may still be time to save our mother. Some people think there is. Many inventions are made these days by children, actually, ways to clean plastic debris from the ocean, ways to have clean energy. It exists but we just don’t do it for some financial reasons.

The overlords want to exploit everything for oil. When the day comes that we can turn this around, it will be the best day ever – a real Earth Day, a real wonder to go on and on forever until all our great, great grandkids are grown. We could then rest easy.

The only productive thing for people who see the perils of our dear earth’s destruction is to boycott polluters. Seriously boycott them. Those who poison the earth with genetically modified crops that can withstand more poison -- those people should go down in tatters – we could make them. The folks who release their toxic nuclear waste need to be stopped.

General Electric designed Fukishima. You could try to hold GE accountable. But you don’t get the news, I forgot. You could stop buying toxic food and only buy good, organic food. That would also affect the poisoners.

You could raise a big fuss with your wealthy politicians. You could write them every day to push for environmental reforms. You could buy some tree seeds and go plant them. You could plant more flowers for the bees. You could stop putting poison on your precious grass. In fact, stop with the lawns altogether. They waste water.

It is not just Mother Earth who talks, it’s money and money doesn’t talk, it yells. That’s why the only solutions are environmental boycotts. This is my earth, too. I’ve got Jim Morrison of the Doors in my brain. When the Music’s Over. Here it is, enjoy

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