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The reality of pain

This blog is about the most important topic of all: why life exists. In another blog, I discuss this partly but there is more to say. Many people believe humans are just some naturally occurring accidents and we’re the only ones. That is patently absurd. But the other planets with life also have the same quandary. Why life? Why souls and brains and bodies on this planet, and what is the soul? These questions are never satisfactorily answered by anyone and probably not adequately answered by me, but it is essential to speculate.

In the angelic realms, reasons are made clear. We enjoy bodies and we enjoy each other’s company. That is about the main truth. The other is that life is a vast soul educational system where more discoveries can be made. Some lessons souls need can only be learned in bodies among other bodies. One of those lessons I regret to inform you, involves pain.

Pain is one of the soul’s greatest challenges. Do you react with self-pity, do you react with anger towards others, do you despair, do you become a victim of pain meds? There are so many ways we deal with pain. In times of great pain, I’m reminded about a Buddhist saying: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." It’s really easy to type that, harder to achieve the non-suffering part. It’s a mystery to me why people would come here to just have pain and then character growth or some such effect.

I also believe we are here to experience love. Learning to love in such a world devoid of peace and harmony and happiness is the other main challenge here in our bodies. When babies are born into this life, they have a clean and fresh chance to experience the best humanity has to offer. The results of existence and the way one handles the experience, craft the fine contours of the beautiful soul as if it were a diamond. But the cutting edges often hurt during the transformation. What is important about pain management on a spiritual level is first of all, remove the blame then remove the shame, then remove self-pity.

There are other ways of dealing with that pain. One of the important ways of dealing with pain is to focus on it without resistance. Imagine the hurt hurting as much as it can and then imagine a color and shape to that pain. Focus on that throbbing color and shape, and feel it to the maximum without resistance. Imagine then as it throbs, each throb reduces the size of the shape as it slowly gets smaller.

Relax yourself in your mind’s eye so that you become a small infant rocking in your mother’s arms of healing love. Be with that and do that as often as you can. Perhaps it's not as effective as pain meds, but much less addictive and easier to do.

The emotions we involve with physical pain are, of course, worth looking at. Does it reactivate an earlier trauma where you were hurt? In that case, confront it, release it, let it go. Pain can make you bitter or pain can make you more compassionate. The choice is yours. there’s a chance that a lesson is learnable and your pain will ease if you learn it.

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