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The real deal on free will

I’m discussing the opportunity to change one’s fate. Many of us think our lives are predestined, and to some extent they are but within the framework of a basic theme in one’s life, it is determined. There exists a sliver of free will. How we exercise that free will determines our actual strength or weakness of character. Sometimes, if you realize your predestined present is unfulfilling, you can tweak that destiny with the powers of your intense wishes directed routinely toward that change.

Many of us might have existential crises about all this. It’s hard to imagine either pre-determinism or free will actually running the show. In fact, it is both. I have had precognitive episodes, so that right there convinced me that things were already planned somehow. What convinced me that I did have power to change my fate is when I decided that I wouldn’t be autistic when I grew up. I’m not sure that I recovered exactly, but so many of my difficult behaviors changed and I worked hard to change them.

It was that hard work that I believe changed my fate which at the time I thought this first was pretty overwhelmingly severe. I’ve come from what seemed to be a perpetual world of silence to typing poems, to writing these blogs every day. It’s a dream come true to have my intellect so well developed by the writing itself. The conclusion, of course, one makes from personal change through effort is indeed impactful no matter what the original fate was.

The fact of the matter in my opinion is that we are destined by our karma to fulfill many purposes, but we are granted mercy by the Great Spirit to change our fates with the power of our will. It’s this freedom of the will that we must learn to use properly. It is not easy, especially if you don’t believe in your own power. Lots of folks just pray to effect change but that’s really inadequate. You have to make causes for effects. The end results of your efforts to change your fate may be the necessary cause to actually do it. Just because there is pre-determinism doesn’t mean there isn’t re-determinism. I’m going with that one.


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