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The power of imagination

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I need to say today that the wonders of imagination are there for the finding. Imagination is a highly creative force we can use to create realities. I love to use the less negative type of imagination. I don’t horribilize. I imagine a better situation. I have been imagining a better self for me since I was little.

I used to be very upset. For years I didn’t even smile, and to this day I do not speak. However, my imagination did manage to imagine that when I grew up, I wouldn’t be autistic. Well, I’m still autistic, but things are so better. It’s as if I’m only partially autistic now, not that autism is always a bad thing but it’s been really extremely difficult, I admit, for everyone. But between the horrible thoughts I used to have, I managed to imagine a better Darcy. In fact, I became aware of her in a parallel world.

There I’m an artist of great merit. Here I’m a writer struggling for acceptance. But at the very least, I have changed my reality considerably now that I’ve managed to have this writing habit. When I was younger, I also imagined that I could someday go to college. I still wouldn’t be able to handle that, so my mom helps me with online ancient history classes. It’s great.

There are good ways to use your imagination best. I prefer to get in a meditative trance and visualize the reality I want. It’s been very useful. It’s true that reality is a malleable thing, depending on how you direct your thoughts, which have tremendous power to move reality in differing directions. One needs to practice this even when awake. It awakens you, literally, to imagine better things.

When a person with autism tries to imagine a better future it actually works. The problem I had was determining what was real since I see things from other dimensions and sometimes get past life flashbacks. Before I got a grip on myself, when I was younger, I still thought I was Helga, a German Jew from a past life. Then, one time when we went to New Orleans, I thought that another past life there was current. I went looking for my friends at an asylum that no longer has my friends in it. They’re turning it into condos, so along those lines, I like to advise my autistic, psychic friends to be sure which time zone they’re in for this life. Then the imagining is useful, not scary.

Selecting things to work on with the imagination is important. Do it daily to visualize your desired results as if they already occurred. To see yourself heal yourself, even to see yourself in future joys or accomplishments actually works. I’m convinced we all have incredible powers if only we would direct those powers consciously for the good, it would change lives and change the world.

Illustration by Carolyn Reed

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