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The next bright day

I think maybe my autistic brain has an extra eyeball or something. I just want people to know that you never really lose a loved one. You always find them again. In this world we meet each other in many different lives.

Recently I met up with a sister from a past life. We shared some horrific times, but our bond reached across time and space for us to rediscover each other. Anyway, I’m happy to see it transpire, and we can move forward. We had a goal. Now we can realize it.

When we love deeply, we form a golden thread from soul to soul that no amount of time or mileage can disconnect. It is a living thing, this golden thread. It is like an airway to reality as we breathe in the timeless void of our experience. One day we will wear nothing but golden threads of love.

Those attachments are not evil metaphysical co-dependency. They are sutures that sew together our souls that only appear separate. How refreshing to reunite with old loved ones. I feel so privileged to do so and to know it. The depths of love are profound and take lifetimes to discover possibilities in that realm of higher pure being. It isn’t a couple of years or a few lifetimes. It takes so many lifetimes to realize its profound effect.

We grieve deeply when loved ones die. We search the dark corners of every room for their ghosts which are indeed often there for a while, maybe longer, but we never quite feel right thinking the beloved is gone for good. I am here to remind you that is not the case. We all live many, many lifetimes and see the loved ones again many, many times.

Grief has a purpose, but we mistake it for a terrible thing. Its real purpose is to show you love – love you only recognize the depths of when the beloved is gone, and you feel so alone. It’s that very love that moves you through to the next bright day which always comes.


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