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The metaphysics of hope

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I am today thinking again about the climate and the fact that the changes will be shocking but survivable. People must not lose faith in the possibility that things might actually work out for the planet and civilization. After all, it is a possibility and I believe the more people who entertain that notion, the more likely it will be that changes can occur, because belief changes things.

This is beyond mere thoughts and prayers; it’s actually on a different level – a psychic energy level. You use your positive beliefs like lasers toward the good outcome, the good world, the better people. It’s not magic, it’s just what is so. This involves the collective of unified souls who are capable of linking up their energy and directing it. The collective is like an aspen forest. It looks like many separate trees, but its roots are connected for miles.

No special skills are needed to do this, and it isn’t just some of us who can do it. Anyone can do this, and it would be powerful. This is what I like to call the metaphysics of hope. It isn’t merely foolish opposition to fear, nor is it lunacy; it’s actually practical as a skill when directed.

There could be alternative realities to the projection of fear taking over the world now. Not that direct action isn’t necessary, this is just one very important action we could all take. This really isn’t just about climate change fear, but about eternal fears engendered by eternal wars and the multitude of nuclear weapons.

As a matter of self-defense, we need to focus on peace and focus on ending pollution and war and inhumanity that brings only ruin. Imagine a safety net all around us that will protect us from ourselves. Imagine the waters of earth running clear, the children of earth fed and at peace. Imagine the possibilities.

The way to do that is to slowly breathe in a vision you would want and then breathe out that vision into the world. The other way is more Buddhistic, you could breathe in the world’s wounds and breathe out the world’s healing. I hope that people try this. I’m throwing that thought out there right now.

Illustration by Carolyn Reed

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